Treeline Well Services Inc. Acquisition & 20th Year in Business

Treeline Well Services Inc. is pleased to announce we have added two Freestanding Mobile Doubles to its rig fleet. Treeline now operates a total of 21 rigs packages, 15 of which are doubles and the average age of their double fleet is only 5 years old. Over 50% of the service rigs registered at the CAODC were manufactured before 1985.

Treeline is now the largest & most active private service rig company in Canada. Treeline specializes in the deeper areas of Alberta with its base in Grande Prairie and operates a high percentage of its rigs in the SAGD areas of Fort McMurray – in both of these areas double work is more prevalent.What is next for Treeline “continued growth and innovation to meet our customers’ unique service rig requirements” said Dan Bryson, Treelines’ president. “We will be launching our first hybrid semi-automated service rig for the SAGD market this February.”

This rig will be the first of its kind to operate in the SAGD market. It will have both the efficiency and functionality of a conventional service rig coupled with semi-automated functions & patented technology designed to overcome the challenges of the SAGD market.

Treeline is currently celebrating its 20th year in business. The company is a focused service rig provider that has established a reputation of supplying quality crews and equipment to the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.